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Tony’s roots in Funky/R&B go way back to his childhood in E. Van, where he grew up listening to plenty of Motown, Blues, Rock & Soul coming through the floorboards as the adults partied in the basement till the wee hours, while Tony, his siblings and cousins slept on the top floor.  As a result, he comes by this style of music very naturally!

Having spent many years gigging with numerous bands across Canada, Tony acquired a good range of stage skills and a good all around knowledge of many music styles, all of which contribute to his ability to write music in all of these styles.

He makes use of a wide range of classic instrument sounds which were the foundation of popular music throughout the decades, such as the Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond and Clavinet, along with all of the classic synthesizers such as the MiniMoog, Korg, Arp, Oberheim and of course the Roland Jupiter series.  His ability to blend all these sounds in a meaningful and compelling way, and wield these instruments with dexterity and total creativity, is one of the main factors which help to make his music so irresistible and easy to absorb.